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Tampa Church of God

The congregation in Tampa goes back to 1962 when Sister Phyllis V. Martin came here from her missionary work in Cuba. She spent six weeks with a couple from Kentucky who had moved to live in Tampa. The wife of this kind couple was a past student of the Bible school in Indiana. Another blessing came to Sister Phyllis was a sixty dollars from another sister. At that time, the congregation was registered as Church of God, Latin American Mission. Services were held in Spanish for almost a year.   Then, an English congregation was started with the services for both the English and Spanish speaking saints.

Recently, Sister Phyllis Martin-Griffin came service on Mothers' Day in May and in June for a special occasion. The zeal for the work of God was still very fresh in her mind. She spoke of her time in Cuba. One outstanding fact was on her arrival in Cuba, there was a political overthrown of the then government. Then during her tenure another overthrown of that government. The second one is still in power.


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